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Gidel's ProcSpark II is an ALTERA Cyclone II 35 - based PCI board


ProcSpark IITM board provides an FPGA-based platform for reconfigurable computing. The FPGA, the memory and the daughterboards' flexible architecture (system I/O, DSP etc.) of the ProcSpark II system, enable the user to build complex designs at fair price. The cost and performance of ProcSpark II make it very attractive for production requirements.

Gidel ProcPak II improves the time-to-market even more. There is no need to design the board, the PCI driver, the application driver layer, define board constraints, design memory controller and write environment FPGA code. This enables designers to focus on their proprietary value-added design instead of spending their valuable effort to recreate standard design components.

With ProcMultiPort innovative memory controller, the generated HDL code enables high speed, easy-to-use parallel access to large memories.


Key Features

  • Altera Cyclone II EP2C35 FPGA.
  • 33216 Logic Elements.
  • PCI 64/32bit 66/33MHz with 2 DMAs running at 400MB/s sustain access rate.
  • Three-level memory structure:
    1. 105 M4K Dual Port RAM blocks (256 x 18 bits, 69GB/s at 150MHz)
    2. 64MB DDR DRAM @ 900MB/s sustain rate
    3. Up to 16GB on a PSDB_Mem daughter board
  • Innovative DDR memory controller with 2 to 16 ports.
  • Up to 3 TMS320C6414-1Ghz DSPs on a PSDB_DSP1G daughter board, with 64MB per DSP.
  • Up to 2 PSDBs (ProcSpark II Daughter Boards): CameraLink, Machine I/Os and other functions.
  • Up to 314 available I/Os.
  • Flexible clocking system.
  • Typical system frequencies: 50 - 200MHz.
  • Supported by Gidel Proc Developer's Kit
  • High performance.
  • Low cost.
  • High flexibility to fit customer needs.
  • Cuts development cycle time and budget.
  • Reliability.
  • Maintainability.
  • Long life cycle.

Application examples
  • Powerful Frame Grabber.
  • Vision, imaging and image recognition.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • DSP.
  • System hardware acceleration.
  • Test equipment.
  • Aerospace and military systems.
  • Algorithm design and verification.

Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows.
  • Linux.

  • ProcSpark II boards can be easily re-configured by user's software. The re-configuration is accomplished simply by closing the current application driver class object and opening a new application driver object. The board can alternatively be re-configured by calling the Load_IC method or using the ProcWizard development tool in order to merely replace a specific device.

  • The application drivers are automatically generated by ProcWizard.
  • The rapid parallel access to on-board DRAM and DDR II memories can also be reconfigured using the Proc Multiport controller.

Ordering Codes

See the ordering codes for ProcSpark II here




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