Gidel's Proc boards feature high-performance FPGAs system based on Altera's Cyclone, Cyclone II, Stratix, Stratix II, III, IV and Stratix V families and a on unique flexible architecture that makes the boards easy to configure for a wide variety of applications.

FPGA Family Description of FPGA platform
Arria 10 FPGA Proc10A with GX and SX
Stratix V FPGA ProceV with SV GX(A3,A7,AB)/GS(D5,D8)
Stratix IV FPGA Proc104, ProceIV, ProcStarIV, ProcSoC4S system
Stratix III FPGA Proc104, ProceIII, ProcSoC3S system
Older Altera boards ProcStarIII, ProcStarII, ProcSpark II , Proc2S Stand Alone, Proce


ProcDeveloper's Kit: Gidel's innovative hardware, software & debug solution provides an integrated approach to a highly productive development environment. The Gidel development methodology enables important efficiencies for project teams as well as unbeatable cost/performance advantages

ProcCamera Simulator: Gidel's ProcCamSim™ is a high-performance camera/machine simulator that generates video and test patterns to a frame grabber supporting all the Camera Link™ specification configurations. Typical Applications include Vision algorithms development, Image processing application testing, Machine vision integration, Vision system reliability testing and Debug of "rarely appearing bugs"

ProcFG Frame Grabbing and Processing System: The ProcFG™ is a programmable image acquisition and processing system, based on Gidel’s powerful FPGA Proc™ boards. It provides a flexible acquisition path allowing adding processing functions designed by the user or based on Gidel’s Image Processing Library (GIL), or alternatively, interfacing with third-party imaging libraries.

Data Management IPs: Gidel's unique and innovative memory controllers (Multiport, MegaFIFO, MegaDelay) enables easy and efficient usage of the memory featured on Gidel Proc boards. Gidel's data management IPs is designed to utilize the on-board memory in the most efficient way while keeping the interface simple!

OpenCL Gidel Bundle: Based on Altera's OpenCL SDK, Gidel provides an bundle that supports OpenCL allowing to use of C-based programming language for developing code on Gidel's FPGA Proc board.

For further information on Altera's SDK OpenCL.


High Performance Computing (HPC)


Vision and Imaging Systems


SoC Prototyping
(Under Construction)


PCIe Platforms Description of FPGA platform
Arria 10 PCIe3×8 board with 1.5 Tera-Flops capability
Stratix V GX based PCIe gen-3x8 with QSFP, CXP, DDR3,SRAM
Multi-Stratix IV (360E,530E,820E) PCIe x8; 34GB memories at 52GB/sec
Stratix IV, PCIe x4, 8GB memories, Daughter card interfaces
Multi-Stratix III (110E,260E,340E) PCIe x8; 33GB memories at 42GB/sec
Stratix III, PCIe x4, 8GB memories, Daughter card interfaces

Systems Description of FPGA system
ProcSoC3 System
High Speed, Modular, Scalable, Multi-user Stratix IV 820E FPGA system up to 36M ASIC gates
ProcSoC10 System
High Speed, Modular, Scalable, Multi-user Stratix IV 820E FPGA system up to 120M ASIC gates

PCIe/104 Description of FPGA platform
Low power PCIe/104™x4 (S III 110E, 150L, 260E), (S IV 530E, 820E)


Gidel has Application Specific hardware Interfaces such as GigE, Flash, SRAM, HDMI, SDI, Camera Link, DDR II, DDR III, Logic Analyzer, UART, RS422 and many others to support various target application

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